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What Are The Largest Biomedical Companies?

Biomedical technology is the field of applying technology in the sector of biological systems related to the health of living beings and for their betterment. It is also called biotechnology, which means combination of technology and biology. It is mainly used for the purpose to diagnose and heal diseases in humans and all other creatures related to biological enhancement. This sector involves many fields of sciences like microbiology, virology, genetic and human clinical epidemiology. With the revolution in the field of medical science and the involvement of engineering and technology in the sector of health and medicines it brought a great advancement to the people worldwide. As new equipment and techniques have come to diagnose diseases like in pathology which is related to know and diagnose the real reasons of health problems and many new inventions and new techniques made it easier. There are several new machines and technology evolved which helped in this sector of human health and medicines. This field involves many sectors of science like computer programming, behavior science, environmental science, engineering, video and monitoring equipment, health machinery and their structure, microscopes and their learning, use of electronic devices and various machinery the field of medical and health.

Largest Biomedical Companies

The biotechnology field is very vast as it includes several industries which make medical devices, drugs, medicines, medical machinery, bio-materials and pharmaceutical fuels and materials. As it comprises both technology and biology sectors so all the materials that needed in these industries are being made and developed by these companies.

Some of the biggest companies are:

  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals : This company makes medicines and drugs mainly for the patients suffering from critical diseases like autoimmune diseases, cancer, neurological disorders, cystic fibrosis and nerve disorders. So it gets a huge income and revenue for its marketing and manufacturing goods.
  • Biomarin Pharmaceutical : This company is widely known as BMRN and makes the drugs for lysosomal storage disorders and burning problems. They mainly make therapeutic enzyme drugs and products for the serious enzyme and hormones diseases. It also makes equipment and machinery for the diagnosis of diseases and analysis techniques for carbohydrate biology applications for the pathology department.
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals: It is also known as JAZZ and its net worth and income is in billions as it makes the medicines and drugs related to pain management, narcolepsy, oncology, and in psychiatry. It also makes an approved drug for cataplexy that means excessive daytime sleepiness. So it is the world’s most net worth making biomedical company which works in people‚Äôs healthcare worldwide.
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: REGN involves the making and marketing of drugs related to cardiovascular diseases, eye disease, allergic and inflammatory disease, cancer and infectious diseases and they also make research for gene sequencing in their regeneration genetic center.
  • United Therapeutics Corp known as UTHR: This is a famous company which majorly makes drugs for pulmonary hypertension and vascular and peripheral tissue disorders. Its net income is approx 1 billion dollar and it comes in worlds most worthy biomedical company in the world.
  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals : ALXN company is famous for making and developing drugs for immunoregulatory diseases and for the treatment of autoimmune and cardiovascular disorders. Their drugs contain selective compounds which target the exact affected portions of the body and also make their immune system more strong with their medicines.
  • Incyte Corp : INCY is a very known pharmaceutical and biomedical company that makes drugs mainly for the patients of oncology in small molecular form. It also makes a famous drug for the treatment of myelofibrosis and involves in the making, marketing and developing of the drug therapies worldwide.
  • Alkermes PLC: It is named as ALKS and mainly known for making drugs for central nervous system disorders like schizophrenia, depression, addiction and diabetes.

The world of these biomedical companies is very wide and multipurpose as they are involved both in making and marketing the drugs of various different and major diseases which are affecting people globally. There are many different companies that have interest in this space other than the companies that profit directly off of it. For example, dating apps such as Tinder and other sex dating sites fund research and donate money towards sexual health and disease prevention. Other large companies in related sectors do the same to combat health and medical problems as well. People are getting cured with these new experiments and development of drugs taking place with the support of these companies. Some companies are also involved in making therapeutic products and medicines for various diseases like cancer, RNA based disorders, genome editing therapy, multiple mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and cardiac diseases. So these companies provide benefits to all the suffering patients with their noble work.