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Interesting Advancements In Biomedical Technology

Biomedical technology is the field of applying technology in the sector of biological systems related to the health of living beings and for their betterment. It is also called biotechnology, that means combination of technology and biology. It is mainly used for the purpose to diagnose and heel diseases in humans and all the other creatures related to biological enhancement. This sector involves many fields of science like microbiology, virology and genetic and human clinical epidemiology. With the revolution in the field of medical science and the involvement of engineering and technology in the sector of health and medicines it brought a great advancement to the people worldwide. As many new equipment and techniques have come to diagnose diseases like in pathology which is related to know and diagnose the reason of health problems many new inventions in new techniques made it easier. There are several new machines and technology evolved who helped in this field related to medical science. Scientists made experiments in this sector to make new inventions in the field of human health and medicines. This field involves many sectors of science like computer programming, behavior science, environmental science, engineering, video and monitoring equipment, health machinery and their structures, microscopes and their learning, use of electronic devices and various machinery in the field of medical and health.

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Advancements in Biotechnology:

This field is so vast and wide that daily new experiments are being done and new techniques are evolving in biotechnology fields that make a new advancement to diagnose and for the treatment of some big health problems. Here we will discuss the top 5 advancements in the field of biomedical technology that made a big difference and advancements related to the health sector and for the betterment in the human health sector and to save millions of lives.

CRISPR technology: It is also named as genome editing which is the latest and great revolution in the world of biotechnology. In this technology scientists discovered ways to add or block any specific gene into any organism’s genetic code to acquire ways about new health improvements in organisms. It was also called the discovery of the century for its great purpose. This discovery was done by two scientists named Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuel Charpentier. It was first experimented on the bacterial genome and named after the part of its immune system that is CRISPR which was used in genome editing. CRISPR is a high precision engineering device that is used in gene listing and slicing that reduces the time and cost of editing of the genome and provides the possibility of adjusting a genome for achieving the desired results and goals in the direction of health science. As with a little change in genome or by the editing in its genetic code we can gain the desired result for any immune boosting medicine for future. It can be adding any code or cutting any part of a gene code from its main genome. It can bring positive changes towards the health problems regarding genetic diseases as by this process we can eliminate the disease causing gene or indicate the pathogens which can harm the genetic system.

Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology or Nanotherapy includes treatment by some nanoparticles of the metals like gold or silver that are in very small size like 1 to 100 nm. This is an organic and cheaper therapy which has brought a great revolution in the health and medicinal field, especially in the treatment of cancer with nanotherapy it gave better results to patients worldwide in comparison to the traditional methods. In this technology scientists have built nanoparticles as bullets which were coated with the desired medicine or drug and firing them at the affected site of the body with a magic bullet. It involves usage of ultrasonic waves to guide the nanoparticles and trigger the release of the desired drug on the selected area or part of the body very precisely.

Eko Core or Eko Device: It is counted in the top five inventions of 2015 by Berkeley and it is an eko device which is being attached to an analog stethoscope that provides a seamless digital sound to doctors. This sound can be transmitted into a cloud system via Bluetooth or can also be downloaded into a smartphone, from where a doctor can listen to a seamless and clear sound of a patient’s heartbeat. These sounds can be also visualised in wave forms and seen by the doctors in a graphic form.

BMI Technology: Its full form is Brain machine interface and this technology brought a great revolution for the paralyzed peoples or limbs related diseases as this device can translate the patients neural signals into computer controlled limb movements so that we can understand what that person is trying to say or thinking for via these signals.

Oximeter: This is also a noble invention in this biotechnology field as it can read the exact level of oxygen in blood and pulse rate of a patient with just the help of his fingertip on the device. It is a gadget that is used in surgeries and for ICU patients for their regular monitoring in the hospitals now.

Advances in the field of biotechnology have brought big good changes and revolution in the medical field. The combo of both the sciences that are technology and biology has made life easy for people worldwide and also saved their time and money both. These advancements help people in their health problems and cured them from many of the diseases. With its help the medical workers also got some relief in their work sectors as all these technologies are made for human ease and health cure whether it’s a small pulsemeter or a big genetic coding change they all brought some revolutionary changes in the health and medical field. Things are still working in progress and scientists are working to bring more revolution in this field for human health improvement. It is a boon for medical science and hope we can see more improvements and revolutions in this sector.